Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Egyptian Theater-Coos Bay Oregon

Tomorrow and Thursday I will be in Coos Bay, on the Oregon Coast, as a dedicated group from the City and the Egyptian Theatre Preservation Association take the next step in developing a plan to bring this gem back to public use.  They are still dealing with the ramifications of an unfortunate study that resulted in the building's closure, causing ripples of concern about whether it could ever be repaired and even whether doing so was worthwhile.

I've written before about engineers, and the value of getting the right ones involved, and needn't do so again.  But even closed the Egyptian Theatre, while still "endangered" is making progress toward life.  And clearly it's a "wonderful thing," well worth preserving.  If you don't believe me, check out this slide show somebody put together.  For the moment, when access to the building is so limited, its the best way to convey the wonders within that bland facade.

Egyptian Theatre Slide Show...CHECK IT OUT!

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  1. Beautiful interior!!! Amazing how intact everything is.