Friday, April 13, 2012

Holly Theatre-One Week to Go

It is crunch time at the Holly, as all the various pieces floating around the nation start arriving on site.  Yesterday, around noon, I counted more than 20 workers on-site, pulling electrical lines, painting, placing and forming concrete for the sidewalks, working on the new storefront doors, plastering the foyer, prepping for the sign installation next week, not to mention work on the interior.

Amid all the chaos, there are still design decisions to be made, as we try to work out the connections between the various elements of the facade, several of which (the marquee, the wooden corner cases) have yet to arrive on site.  I trust that everything will work out, but there is still a lot of head-scratching and pointing going on.  Yesterday, on what amounted to my third trip to the project (this to finalize the score lines in the front sidewalk and their relationship to the six bollards), Steve Kammerzell, the project manager for Hammonds Construction yelled at me just as I was leaving and excitedly showed me the following photo on his phone!

These are the four poster case frames, for the exterior, foyer, assembled by Advanced Sheet Metal and made from pieces of formed metal from W.F. Norman & Company, of Missouri.  I really like Norman’s products…they are authentic, attractive, and pretty inexpensive.  After the glass doors are mounted, the entire unit will be finished to a deep gold/bronze and will accent the walls of the foyer, just outside the main entry.  (You can see two of the "holes" for these cases in the top photo)

One week and counting….  By Sunday the sidewalk will be done, the foyer will be painted, the crown molding we removed for construction will be re-installed.  Monday sees the arrival of the 33-foot tall neon pylon sign and the projecting marquee and we being laying the ceramic tile in the exterior foyer, the installation of the restored leaded glass above the storefronts and dozens and dozens of other details.  What fun!

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