Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spreading the Word!

Of history and preservation, that is. Yesterday was the latest in what is becoming a much anticipated annual event, Medford's "Taste of History," the brain-child of some of that community's downtown property owners/boosters, local food purveyors (both restaurants and manufacturers) and the area's ever-growing winery and local breweries. Focused on more than a dozen historic buildings, participants tour the town, wine-glass in hand, and sample offerings at the various stops. To kick it off the day begins with (free) walking tours of downtown, led by Ben Truwe and me. WHAT FUN! The weather was perfect (it didn't rain and it wasn't 107 either) and 25 intrepid history buffs followed me around on the narrow sidewalks beginning at 10:00 for an hour of architecture and restoration tales documenting how Medford started and changed. Ben took over at 11:30 and regaled us all with stories about some of the more interesting people associated with downtown, including Madames and opium addicts as well as a glimpse into Medford's connection to Walt Disney's character "Goofy," based upon a crossing guard that intrigued "Pinto" Colvig, a Jacksonville boy who created Goofy for the Disney studios. (That's Ben in the image, dressed the gallant part!)

After my "shift" we got to enjoy the food, the music, and the libations along with everyone else, bumping into all sorts of friends and acquaintances, each with a glass in hand and smile upon their face. Next year, always on the second Saturday in June, they will do it all again!

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