Monday, June 1, 2009

Parvin Covered Bridge Rehab, Lane County

Today I am writing a "baseline" report for the area surrounding the Parvin Covered Bridge, in Lane County. This bridge, built in 1921, is one of about 50 surviving examples of the 450 or more covered bridges that once carried traffic over Oregon's rivers and streams. Like most covered bridges, Parvin has legions of supporters who treasure these examples of the wooden bridge builders art in Oregon. Parvin is somewhat unusual in that it still carries vechicular traffic over Lost Creek (many covered bridges are pedestrian only).

Just west of the bridge, which connects Parvin Road to Lost Creek Road, sits the circa 1865 house of James and Selenia Parvin, along with two early barns that were also built by the family. On the west of the bridge is another house, built and long occupied by James' son.

None of these resources will be impacted by the current project, which will rehab the Parvin Bridge to assure it survives for a long long time, it's just interesting that this little neighborhood, centered on this bridge (and the one that stood here before it) has changed so little in the past century and half of Oregon's history.

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