Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello and welcome to the preserveoregon blog, something that I probably don't really have time for but which seems like an interesting idea for some reason. My intent here is to provide some detail on the life of a "professional preservation" consultant (a dubious honor, to be sure) and otherwise impart whatever odd bits of information strike my fancy.

Today, having been gone most of last week in Portland, I am attempting to finalize a few projects and gear up for a day-long kickoff meeting at the Oregon Caves Chateau, in Cave Junction. There, after literally years of planning, we are going to start work on the renovation of a "Model Room," with the intent of testing out theories and materials for replacing the really horrible cellutex-type tiles that old Gust Lium, the original builder, used for both the walls and the ceiling. It's not bad looking stuff, but if you have ever stayed there, you know that is has zero acoustic value.