Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sparta Building Update- Glazing

The exterior of the Sparta Building, in downtown Medford, is coming along nicely, with all of the windows framed in and glass starting to be installed as well.  Brown coat stucco is going up on the re-exposed masonry columns, which will cure about three weeks before the finish coat is applied. Soon the black ceramic tile will go into the bulkhead area, below the window sills, and the exterior will start looking like a finish building, rather than a construction site.  

In the meantime Andrew Tillinghast, of Neoglassic Studio, is busily cutting 5.75” x 5.75" panes of reeded glass and setting them into huge panels that will be installed as the transom band.  I have had this sort of work done before, and been pleased with the results, but have never had it done for a building that was so close to home.  In the past my Medford clients have always balked at the design, or the price, or the complication, in at least one case with unfortunate results.  I am thinking that when folks who trouble envisioning lead glass panels may "get it" when they see “prismatic” glass on the Sparta.  At least here’s hoping.

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