Friday, August 26, 2011

Sparta Building-Prismatic Glass, Transoms and Cornice

Oh mysteries of the internet!  For reasons unexplained, one of the most popular pages on this blog has been the one about replicating the prismatic glass at the Sparta Building, in downtown Medford, that was posted 18-December-2010.  I followed up with an in-process in June and now, that the windows are in (and having no shame) I thought I’d post a few pictures of how those transoms look installed.  The Sparta project is moving ahead; most of the exterior glazing is in and the tile bulkheads are ready for grouting.  

I’ve also put a photo in showing the replicated sheet metal cornice (stored on the roof for the moment) that will soon be mounted on the south elevation, replacing the one that a previous owner foolishly removed and destroyed.


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  1. The transoms look great. Do you know where they sourced the materials?